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The only way to make a safe and successful business in the field of national and international trades (marine or non-marine) is to arrange the proper insurance cover for any shipment and to proceed timely with the appropriate moves in any possible situation, as claims can occur anywhere in the world.

Prompt attendance of an experienced surveyor are the key factors to establish what really happened, the nature, cause and extent of the damage and protect recovery rights against third responsible parties.

In our capacity as Claims & Settling Agents we may assure our Clients we will handle any kind of claim in the most timely and professional way, enabling interested parties to obtain all necessary evidence and documentation of the claims in order to keep safe and regular their business, avoiding further risks of relevant loss.

Our primary role is to assure that competent professionals, aware of local customs and regulations and known for their reputation and integrity, will conduct local surveys and investigations, maintaining contacts with the claimant (directly or through our office) in his own language or in english to inform about developments and results of their actions.

Our organization internal policy prevents any conflict of interest.

We keep high professional standards for the services we offer to the Clients in accordance with the most prestigious organizations and networks worldwide.

Claims, expecially when urgent, can be anticipated by phone to receive an immediate feedback and subsequently requested to us via e-mail or other written means.

Unless we are specifically instructed to the contrary, we and our surveyors will immediately review if there are opportunities to reduce your claim costs by pursuing recovery against the third responsible party and take appropriate steps to obtain evidence and security.

We mainly perform the following surveys:

  • Any cargo claims (dry, liquid bulk and breakbulk cargoes)
  • Hull & Machinery claims
  • On/Off-hire Condition Surveys
  • On/Off hire Bunker surveys
  • Pleasure crafts surveys
  • Draft surveys
  • Pre-shipment/Loading-Lashing surveys
  • Out-turn surveys with or w/out sampling
  • Pre-risk assessment surveys
  • Project cargo loading/off-loading/planning surveys

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